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Weddings have become inspiring events. To deliver an inspiring event, you can't throw things together last minute. It takes time and effort coordinating the team of suppliers required to deliver your special day.

About Us


Poppin Cork Events work with their clients, keeping them on track and on budget, to ensure they receive the wedding they desire.

Pretty things by themselves don't make a memorable wedding. The flow, the energy and the wow factor are equally important when planning your wedding.

We have worked on various types of events and celebrations from 20 guests to 20,000, so have a wealth of knowledge into just how much thought and effort is required. Family and friendships are incredibly important to us which is why we enjoy helping other couples in planning their perfect wedding day in an enjoyable and stress free environment. 

Just remember ........

Your engagement shouldn't be a stressful time.

Do you have the flexibility and time to meet with suppliers, make phone calls and get quotes - be honest about this. A wedding is typically one of the biggest occasions you will need to organise - so get help if you need it.

A planner can help as much or as little as you want it - so look into it.


The wedding day always goes quickly so make sure you enjoy it.

Leading into the event, your focus should be on enjoying your engagement. On the wedding day, you shouldn't be stressed wondering if everything will go as planned. With a professional, your mind can be put at ease, knowing it will go smoothly and exactly as you want.

Don't fall into the common trap of assuming you can save money and do it all yourself. We're not all super heroes, sometimes it's just not possible.


“We highly recommend Poppin Cork Events as a wedding planner. The entire process was seamless from beginning to end. Maddie understood exactly what we wanted and the end result was even better than we could've imagined. Thank you Maddie, you made planning our wedding completely stress free!” 

—  KAREN & BEN, Flour Factory

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