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Top 3 reasons why you need a wedding planner!

Wedding Planner Perth

Wedding planners are the unsung heroes of a smooth event, often seen tucking that last flower petal into place or keeping everything moving on time to avoid having Uncle Bill make his infamous jokes as time fillers. They’re without fail always in the perfect place, gliding through your event like a calming wave, making sure every last vendor is performing flawlessly.

The sheer magnitude of energy it takes to create a wedding is often not understood until shortly after planning kicks off. You want to make your dream come to life, but juggling vendors, endless phone calls, and most importantly, the seamlessness of your actual wedding day can only be confidently executed by a professional wedding planner – here’s why!

The Wedding Planner Paints Your Vision

It’s your wedding. Your planner is there to sift through your mind, organise your thoughts, and transform your ideas into awe-inspiring reality. You’re the paint and the planner is the artist – the colour, vibrancy, and personality that exudes from your day is all you, and the planner pieces it together in show-stopping form. All you have to do is sit back, watch your vision form, and eventually walk down the aisle – leaving you lots more energy to make it through your daily routine.

You’re Probably Not a Wedding Expert

The ins-and-outs of a glorious day and everything leading up to it can seem like a big slice of that yummy wedding cake you’re so looking forward to… until you start getting frazzled and absentmindedly sit your sister next to her mortal enemy, or give the wrong address to your day-of makeup artist. A wedding day coordinator has been through and rectified all the snafus that could have made for a wedding horror story – but their expertise and directive qualities are certain to keep you out of bridal mayhem.

Trustworthy Vendors are A Wedding Planner’s Specialty

Having superior, affordable, and trustworthy vendors that are light of their feet, unobtrusive, and care sincerely about your big day takes research, word-of-mouth, and a lot of networking to find. Vendors can easily design a pretty website with mock reviews, but may lack experience and could drop the ball when it comes time to perform. Your wedding planner can weed out the fakers from the real, quality professionals, making your floral arrangements, video, photography, and much more as impeccable they can possibly be.

There are endless reasons to partner with a planner. Save yourself potential hassles as well as a lot of money, time, and energy when you let a wedding planner guide you through the best day of your life.

Happy planning from Poppin Cork Events!

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