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You will receive the following wedding planning support when booking The Wedding Broker Package:

Guaranteed 10% discount on all our suppliers' products/services (sometimes more!).
One-on-one time to use when planning your wedding.
Help with supplier quotes so you get what you need within your budget from the get go.
Our wedding planning checklist booklet to help keep you on track.
2 hour consultation four weeks prior to the wedding to make sure you have everything organised - dot the i's and cross the t's.
Coordination of the setup / pack down schedule for all your wedding day suppliers.


We have researched, sourced and connected with high quality, trusted and reliable suppliers in the industry.


Guaranteed discounts from all our suppliers saving you a minimum of 10% ... sometimes more!


By booking suppliers aligned with us, you will receive professional support in planning your wedding.

The best part is, the more money you spend with our aligned suppliers, the more support you will receive!

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  • How much does it cost to use The Wedding Broker?
    We charge 10% of the total spend you put through our aligned suppliers. To secure our services and access trade prices with our suppliers, we charge a $2,000 non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee with the remainder of the 10% charged 30 days prior to your wedding.
  • What are your aligned suppliers we have access to?
    We hand pick quality and reliable suppliers that can assist you with the successful delivery of your wedding day. Our aligned suppliers can be viewed HERE.
  • What if I don't want to use your aligned suppliers?
    All our suppliers are reputable, reliable and trustworthy. If you don't want to use any of our suppliers, that's totally fine. You can book suppliers outside our list, however, we cannot guarantee their reliability and that you will have access to trade discounts with the suppliers of your choice. You will need to source these suppliers yourself unless it has been included in your package with us.
  • I don't have a wedding budget, but I would like to use The Wedding Broker."
    That's totally fine! We understand how difficult it can be in planning a wedding. We have wedding planning sessions that run for 4 hours and cost $396. This can be used to create your wedding budget and kick start your wedding planning journey. If you find you would like to book The Wedding Broker package following this session, we can upgrade your package, so you get access to our services and trade prices with our suppliers.
  • We already have suppliers booked in for our wedding?
    That's not a problem at all. The remainder of your suppliers can be booked through us. To maximise your discount with suppliers, a minimum spend of $20,000 is recommended.
  • Do I need to provide you with the final costs so that you can charge the remaining of the 10% due?
    When you agree to our terms and conditions, you consent to us receiving the total you've spent with each of our suppliers. We gather this information directly from our suppliers and issue you with the remainder of the 10% due 30 days prior to your wedding day.
  • What if I must cancel my agreement with The Wedding Broker?
    We understand that things don't always go to plan - we get it! Unfortunately, our booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please request a copy of our full terms and conditions for further details. Please note that when you use our suppliers you are bound to their terms and conditions which are totally separate to us. You will need to discuss cancellations with them direct for any products or services you have booked through them.
  • What if my budget is less than $20,000?"
    To maximise your discount with suppliers, a minimum spend of $20,000 is recommended. If you're budget is less than $20,000, you will still be charged our $2,000 non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee. Alternatively, you can book one of our other wedding packages.
  • I need more help than the services that are provided in my price package
    We hear you! The more you spend with our suppliers the more planning support you will receive. We can also help by putting together an hourly package where you can specify what you want help with in that time. If you require additional hours, we charge $60 per hour in the lead in to your wedding day, with a minimum spend of $600 which includes 10 hours of one-on-one time. ​ Alternatively, you can view our pre-made packages which includes a 4-hour planning session and a wedding day coordination package.
  • Why use The Wedding Broker?
    1. We will give you peace of mind We provide professional planning assistance where it counts so you can continue planning your special day with peace of mind. We only work with reliable and reputable suppliers so that you can wave goodbye to any horror stories you've heard of. You are our focus, so we work to ensure your wedding day is exactly as you want. 2. We will save you time Do you know how long it takes to plan and execute a wedding? We do, and you'll be shocked to know the answer! We've spent the time searching, networking and sourcing suppliers that are high quality, reliable and trustworthy so you don't have to! 3. We will save you money By using The Wedding Broker, you receive access to trade discounts with all our suppliers saving you a minimum of 10% .... sometimes more! 4. We will keep you on track You receive a copy of our complimentary wedding planning checklist book which keeps you on track with all the things you need to organise, as-well as a planning consult one month prior to your wedding so we can alert you to anything you need to consider or change in time for your wedding day.
  • How do I book The Wedding Broker?
    Simply complete our contact form below and we will be in touch.
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