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What Olympic sport would Poppin Cork Events compete in?

In light of the Opening ceremony on Saturday, we thought we would get into the spirit of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

If Poppin Cork Events were to compete in the Olympics, she would represent her country in synchronised swimming.

Poppin has flexibility to overcome any obstacles that are thrown her way during training and on competition day. Leading into the finals, her team has a plan B & C ready. In this sport this is critical as well as being able to work within a team. Poppin is reliant on the performance of her teammates in following the routine 100%.

Their timing is precise, and it really needs to be!

They all love the feeling of standing on the podium, hand on heart singing their national anthem whilst the audience smiles and congratulates them - an unforgettable experience.

As audience, you only witness the final show, what is happening above the water, and it is left unknown what is happening under the surface. The pre planning, the trials and the systems to get the show seamlessly executed are not properly understood. It is a precisely run show that shows finesse and grace to ultimately wow the crowd.

Sometimes what can appear to look easy is the result of the hard work and preparation of the professional behind the scenes. When things are done well, it should look seamless to the audience. You don’t appreciate the training and skill of a synchronised swimmer until you spend a day in their shoes.

And like synchronised swimmers .... even with two backup plans, sometimes we find ourselves holding our breathe!

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